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What is StringQuest? StringQuest is a media enriched compendium of timeless music knowledge for everyone! Centuries of wisdom are joyful presented by faculty characters who teach every element of music! Filled with Professional Pointers that Work! Color-coded worlds engrave concepts, delivering confident top-notch mastery. StringQuest integrates Music with: Science, Math, History, Language, and Thinking Skills. Beneficial resources that…

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Ensemble Traditions

Ensemble Traditions As the popularity and size of string sections developed, traditional plans of procedure and player etiquette have become “rules of the profession.” Ensemble settings present the necessity to have a plan as to how to handle the expected tasks that result from rehearsal and performance. There are also rules to follow about how…

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Audition Outlook

AUDITION OUTLOOK  The Audition Process is one that can “make or break” a musician. When undertaking preparation for an audition too often musicians find themselves in a panic. In reality, one does not need to become frustrated or stressed out, in order to improve. With intelligent structured, and organized preparation, an intelligent game plan will…

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